How Do I Hire A Campervan On The East Coast Of Australia?

How Do I Hire A Campervan On The East Coast Of Australia? Image | East Coast Tours Australia

It's super easy to hire a campervan in Australia as long as you plan your trip in advance, find the right vehicle to suit you, and seek advice from a travel expert if you need help! Hiring a campervan in Australia can seem like a daunting task, but it can actually be very straightforward if you know what you're looking for. Hopefully these tips will help you narrow down the planning process and find the perfect vehicle for your East Coast adventure. 

A campervan is one of the most adventurous, flexible, convenient, and affordable ways to get around Australia. It's an incredibly scenic country with many iconic destinations, particularly on the East Coast. Travelling by campervan allows you to visit all the East Coast's highlights while enjoying the beautiful scenery between destinations!

Here is everything you need to know about hiring a campervan on the East Coast of Australia. 

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How To Hire A Campervan On The East Coast Of Australia

To make the van hire process a breeze, we've compiled a list of steps to follow when hiring a campervan on the East Coast of Australia. From the initial planning stages, to the availability checks and getting expert advice, these steps will hopefully make it easier for travellers to find and secure the perfect campervan for their Australian adventure!

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Step 1: Plan Your Journey

Before you look into the specifics of hiring a campervan, you should decide where you actually want to go and when. Think about the time frame you have available and which destinations will conveniently fit into your schedule.

If you only have 2 weeks for your campervan trip, you may want to pick destinations that are closer together, such as Brisbane to Cairns or Sydney to Brisbane. If you have a month or more, you can plan a much longer road trip that covers more of the East Coast! Decide where you want to start and end your campervan journey, and which dates you'd like to travel. 

These resources will help you plan your East Coast road trip itinerary:

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Step 2: Think About Your Vehicle

Once you've decided on your destinations and time frame, you can start browsing through vehicles! There is a huge variety of campervans available to book on Australia's East Coast. Campervans are ideal for groups of 2-4 travellers, though some can accommodate larger groups as well. Check out the size, amenities, sleeping arrangements, and style of the different campervans so you can get a feel for what you want. 

Specific campervans may not be available on your chosen dates, but it's helpful to have an idea of the type of van you want during your search. Plus, it's fun to browse through all the amazing, well-equipped campervans that could potentially be your home on wheels in Australia!

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Step 3: Check Availability

Make use of the live availability checker on the East Coast Tours website! This is the best way to see what campervans are available for your travel dates and East Coast destinations. You can enter your start and end locations (they can be different), your travel dates, and more. Then see a list of what vehicles are available for your trip and browse through the options. Take your time reading through the options and choosing the perfect campervan for your East Coast road trip!

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Step 4: Get Support From Travel Experts If Needed

While checking availability, you can go ahead and book a campervan if you find the perfect option. But at any point during the trip-planning or booking process, you can contact our travel experts for assistance! Our team is based all over Australia's East Coast, and we all have first-hand experience travelling and road-tripping in this stunning area. If you have any questions at all about hiring a campervan on the East Coast of Australia, don't hesitate to get support!

  • Call us at + 61 74914 2425, email us, or live chat with us online and we can help you book your campervan - we're available 24/7!

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How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Campervan In Australia?

Most campervans in Australia cost anywhere from $70 - $200 AUD per day. Prices are dynamic and often fluctuate, so you'll have to get a quote for a more exact price. Generally speaking, the bigger and better your campervan is, the more it will cost. But considering you have sleeping and cooking facilities combined with your transport, a campervan can save you so much money! Your main costs on top of the hire cost will be fuel, groceries, and any tours or activities you book during your trip. 

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Do I Need To Book A Campervan In Advance?

Yes, you'll want to book a campervan at least a few months in advance to ensure your dream vehicle doesn't sell out! Try to search for a campervan around 3-6 months before your trip so there are more vans available as well. If you're visiting Australia in summer, you may want to book your campervan over 6 months in advance because this is the busiest time of year. 

Campervans are often in high demand in Australia, so in general the further in advance you can plan your journey, the better. If you walk into a travel shop on the day and try to book a campervan, you may be disappointed if everything is sold out. So try to be proactive and hire your campervan in advance!

However, last-minute availabilities can sometimes happen due to cancellations. You can always enquire and see if there is anything available at the last minute!

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Can You Sleep Anywhere In A Campervan In Australia?

Having a bed in your vehicle is one of the most convenient perks of campervan travel in Australia, but you can't just sleep anywhere! You are only allowed to sleep in designated overnight parking areas, such as caravan parks and campgrounds. If you park at any random place for the night, you may get a hefty fine or other penalties. 

However, East Coast Australia has lots of places where you are allowed to park overnight and sleep in your van. Some have a nightly fee, and some are free. Even at a paid parking site, you'll pay much less than you would at a hostel or hotel, meaning you'll save money!

Check out these resources for finding places to park overnight on Australia's East Coast:

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Is It Worth Hiring A Campervan For East Coast Australia?

It's definitely worth hiring a campervan for your East Coast Australia adventure! Campervans give you unmatched flexibility, plus they can be affordable and they allow you to slow-travel along the incredible coastline. Driving around Australia gives you the opportunity to see more of the landscape, spend time in small towns, and mingle with locals and other travellers at communal campsites. You also have the freedom to control your own schedule, making them perfect for independent and adventurous travellers. 

Find more campervan and driving tips here:

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Check availability for campervans on the East Coast of Australia, or live chat with our travel experts to get a quote and ask any questions!

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