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Summer is peak travel season for most of the world. People have time off school or work, the sun is shining, and everyone is ready to escape reality and have an adventure. If you've decided Australia is the place for your next adventure, get ready to have the time of your life sailing through tropical islands, scuba diving in world-class reef sites, and frolicking through the lush rainforests

Though summer is peak travel season in Australia as well, it's a good idea to be strategic about where you go and when. The cost of travel, the crowds, and the heat all increase during the summer months, which are December, January, and February. But there are ways to optimise your time so you can enjoy the best weather and the best prices. There is truly no bad time to visit Australia, and our team at East Coast Tours is dedicated to giving you the best possible experience!

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How To Travel Australia In Summer

If you're planning a trip to Australia, note that summer is peak travel season. Australian summer lines up with Christmas and New Years, making it a very popular time for locals and international visitors to travel around the country. This can lead to more crowds, less availability for tours and attractions, and higher prices.

However, certain parts of the country are less touristy than others, so you can get around the craziness if you plan your trip accordingly. We're going to explore what this means for travellers, and also provide recommendations for the best time to plan your backpacking trip around Australia!

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Consider the weather when planning a trip to Australia in summer! December, January, and February see the highest temperatures of the year, and June, July, and August are the coolest months. The tropical north, including Cairns and the Whitsundays sees higher heat, humidity, and rainfall in the summer months, though beautiful sunny days are still common! Northern Australia has gorgeous, warm, sunny weather for the entire rest of the year, so you'll never need more than a light jumper up here. 

Southern Australia is much more temperate. In places like Sydney and Melbourne, you'll get comfortable temperatures year-round, with hot summers and nice, cool winters. Mountainous regions of New South Wales and Victoria even get snow in the winter so you can go snowboarding! Central areas like Brisbane and Noosa are warm and sunny year-round. So you can plan your travels around Australia based on the type of weather you want to experience. 

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How To Travel Australia To Make The Most Of The Weather

Generally speaking, you'll find the most comfortable temperatures if you head south in the summer and head north in the winter. Summer is a great time to hang out in southern destinations like Melbourne or Tasmania. Down south, summer in Australia is warm, sunny, and stunning. So if you're in Australia on a Working Holiday Visa, consider settling down in Victoria or southern New South Wales to make some money, maybe do your farm work, and enjoy the cooler temperatures. Then make your way north in spring, winter, or autumn!

If you do find yourself in the tropics during summer, you can cool off by swimming in waterfalls and freshwater streams, spending some time at sea on a Great Barrier Reef liveaboard, or getting a good old-fashioned Aussie Akubra hat to shade your face. Australia is magical at any time of year, and those who love the sun, sand, and salt will enjoy travelling Australia year-round.

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Cost Of Travel

The cost of travel tends to rise in summer, which is important to keep in mind. Summer holidays are a popular time for Aussie locals to travel in addition to international visitors, so the demand for flights, hotels, tours, and activities increases. That means higher prices!

For example, a hostel dorm room in a popular Australian city such as Sydney or Brisbane usually costs around $30 - $50 per night. But in the busy summer season prices can go up to $70 per night or more! Many nice hotels also have peak season rates, so you'll probably be paying more for your accommodation in summer. Even restaurants up their prices in summer, and your flights to Australia will probably cost more. But there are always ways to save money in Australia no matter what time of year you visit!

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How To Travel Australia In Summer On A Budget

If you are looking to travel Australia in summer, there are easy budget travel tips you can adopt to save money. Stay in a hostel with a kitchen so you can cook some of your own meals, and shop at local produce markets where you can score cheap deals. Summer is a great time to rent a campervan and traverse the East Coast on your own so you can save money on public transport.

As for tours and activities, chatting with local tour agencies is a great way to find deals and last-minute availabilities. Tour packages are also an excellent way to get discounts on some of Australia's best tours! Whitsunday and K'gari (Fraser Island) packages combine overnight sailing trips with 4WD island tours so you can experience two of Australia's wonders while saving money. Many tour operators often give perks like free bag storage or discounts at local businesses, so enquire about that when you book a tour with us!

Travelling Australia in summer can also mean more crowds, but you can visit popular attractions early in the morning or in the evening to beat the rush. Whether you're sightseeing in Sydney, surfing in Byron Bay, snorkelling on the Great Barrier Reef, or camping on K'gari (Fraser Island), you can save money and have a blast using these tips!

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Which Season Is Best For Travelling Australia

Generally speaking, spring or autumn is the best season for travelling Australia. These are considered "shoulder season", where it's not quite peak but not quite off-peak season for travel. During spring (September, October, November) or autumn (March, April, May), the summer heat and prices drop down.  

If you're looking for cooler weather and the lowest prices, winter is also a great time to travel Australia. During winter (June, July, August), the costs of flights, hotels, and tours often decrease and there are fewer crowds at popular tourist attractions. Winter is the perfect time to explore Tropical North Queensland, and even places like Sydney and Byron Bay are still pleasant with a bit of chill in the air. 

But Australia is still amazing in summer! It's a good idea to book your adventures well in advance during peak season because tours can fill up due to higher demand. But this is the perfect time to head south, travel Australia by campervan, or even settle down somewhere and do your farm work. The reality is, there is no bad time to visit Australia, and you can organise your trip with East Coast Tours in a way that makes the most of the weather and the prices! 

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