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At East Coast Tours, our goal is simple: to facilitate the Aussie adventure of your dreams, seamlessly. 

Whether you’re booking an inclusive road trip from Melbourne to Cairns or a single experience in a gorgeous destination, we want you to feel the magic of this rich country. That’s right, we want you to experience that astonishment, that blissful feeling of wonder, that complete awe of nature. Our team, your friendly travel consultants, are avid adventurers themselves and can’t wait to connect you with local gems, excellent tours and their own favourite spots along the East Coast. 

Your adventure, your way 

Always striving to implement our motto, we really do want you to experience your adventure, your way. The team at East Coast believes there is no better way to explore than at your own pace, so we’ll never rush you along or sell you a tour for the sake of it. For us, the best part is personalising an itinerary to suit you. So, whether you’re an adventurous explorer, adrenaline junkie, lover of rainforests, beach bum, surfing addict, nature enthusiast, luxury babe or after a romantic trip, we’ve got you covered! The best bits are in the details, so we love to get to know you, your group, your budget and your bucket list before we design your unique East Coast itinerary! 

A group on people camping at dusk, fairy lights in the tree
snorkelling the Great Barrier Reef, blue waters, two snorkellers

More traveller, less tourist 

Have you ever fallen into those obligatory tourist traps when visiting a foreign country? You know, the kind with overpriced souvenirs, never-ending queues and screaming children left, right and centre? Yep, same here, and it really just isn’t… it. We know that most adventurers come to the East Coast to get a taste of Australia’s finest and funnest, and our selection of experiences and tours reflect this. Discover hidden bays in pristine havens, wander through ancient rainforests, dive into the depths of the Great Barrier Reefs and hang out amongst the artsy scenes of our vibrant cities. In short, we strive to offer real-world East Coast advice, getting you off that beaten path and making memories that will last forever! 

Taking the stress out of your adventure

That’s it, we’ve got to say it: travelling can sometimes be… stressful. Whether you’re getting a bit overwhelmed with the research process, worried about budgeting overseas or simply confused when it comes to things like visas, employment and getting around, we know the feeling. So, we’re here to minimise the stress and maximise the vibes as you have a seamless Aussie experience. Our comprehensive guide to the East Coast will answer all of the big questions, but also the small. And, if you work best with a plan, we can design your personalised itinerary down to the tiny details so all you have to do is follow a map! Focus on the thrill of being in new places, and not the worry, as we assist you with your adventure, every step of the way. 

Woman relaxing in a hammock with blonde hair, a blue bikini and sunglasses
Woman touching the trunk of a Giant Tallowood on K'gari

Mindfulness of history, environment and humans

We’re ever-grateful and impressed by the flourishing landscapes, biodiverse ecosystems and natural wonders of Australia. As such, we’re always endeavouring to embody mindful travel, and encouraging you to do the same! Our relationships with local providers are based in a shared ethos of sustainable tourism, respect for others and environmentally-conscious choices. So, you will not only be encouraged to tread lightly as you explore the marvels of the East Coast, but we will facilitate the best experiences for you and the planet. 

Here at East Coast Tours, we recognise that we work, live, play and profit off of Aboriginal and Indigenous lands and waters. This land is stolen, and sovereignty was never ceded. We acknowledge elders past and present and strive to connect you with experiences that forefront education around the rich Indigenous heritage of so-called Australia. Always was, always will be.

More than anything, our goal is to help you! 

Check out our handy guides to the East Coast, or live chat with a friendly travel expert today… we’re sure to have the answers to all of your questions! 

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