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East Coast Tours is an Australian, family-owned travel agency that emerged from over 20 years of experience in the industry. With successful travel agency branches in the Whitsundays, K’gari (Fraser Island), Cairns and Hervey Bay, East Coast Tours is a culmination of our direct operator connections and invaluable industry experiences. 

From humble beginnings 

East Coast Tours was born out of an unmistakable love for adventure. Keith, our managing director and CEO, has always been in love with the water and sailing. Growing up around boats, racing and the ocean, chasing endless horizons came naturally to the Roberts family. Spending a large stint of his early career living out at sea with his wife and two kids on Subzero, a vessel that they spent five years building, Keith realised a deep affinity for the wonders of travelling. 

Returning to land and settling in Airlie Beach in 1999, Keith and his family had found a home. They began to combine their experiences out at sea and their love for travel with business as the Roberts family delved into the vibrant, local tourism industry. Initially starting up a yacht brokerage and subsequently moving into the travel agency sector, Keith had found his niche. It was in 2002 that he developed his own agency brand. Bursting with ideas and thriving off of the ability to connect travellers with their dream boats, it didn’t take long for his local travel agency to expand and grow. Developing and deepening local operator relationships, Sailing Whitsunday’s foundations are built on transparent, honest industry connections and groundbreaking ideas.

Horizon, Whitsundays on a boast

A love for all wonders, near and far

Growing the team in Airlie Beach from two to over twenty, the Whitsunday travel agency was an established, innovative industry leader by 2010. And, with a tight-knit, bright team and growing operator connections all over the country, Keith began to expand tour relations further north and south. Founding Cairns Tours, Fraser Tours and Whale Tours branches along the East Coast, the team brought their creative ideas and local values with them, wherever they went! 

The culmination of our passion for travel, local knowledge bases and strong operator connections has created space for the possibility of East Coast Tours. If Sailing Whitsundays, Fraser Tours and Cairns Tours were all chapters, East Coast Tours is our anthology. Selecting our best experiences for backpackers and using our nationwide industry connections to create seamless itineraries, we can’t wait to facilitate the adventure of your dreams.

Cairns man with arms outstretched, overlooking green mountains

Always true to our roots

Now with a team of nearly forty spanning across the globe, from Portugal to Canada to the East Coast, we’re constantly centring our grassroots values in whatever we do. As a family-owned business, we elevate a caring, family-first environment with a focus on open communication both internally and externally. Consideration of local values and industry landscapes is key to creating sustainable tourism for everyone, for now, and in the future. Our flexibility, innovation and adaptability have shone through across a multitude of industry challenges, and we believe in growing with, not against, technological advances and changes.

Through an abundance of growth, it's awesome to see that our team remains vibrant, creative and authentic in their passion for adventure. As a mixed bag of European backpackers, local beach bums and industry gurus, there's always a laugh to be had and story to be shared, be it in the office, shop or a Zoom meeting! And more than anything, we put travellers first, striving to tailor the very best experiences to you, every time! With our award-winning service, hand-picked selections of tours and love for adventure on an individual level, we can’t wait to show you just how special Australia is.

Watching the sunset at Maheno Shipwreck, K'gari

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