Top 10 Things To Do In Mission Beach

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Mission Beach is a quaint little beachside town located on the Cassowary Coast of Far North Queensland. It’s a hidden gem that offers a stunning blend of outdoor adventure activities and relaxation, making it the perfect coastal town for enjoying quality down time and recharging the batteries in paradise. If you're planning on making a pit stop in Mission Beach on your journey up the East Coast, then here are the top 10 things to do in Mission Beach that will make your trip worth the visit.

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  1. Take A Stroll Along One Of The Many Beaches
  2. Go Skydiving And Land On Mission Beach
  3. Get a Photo With The Big Cassowary Statue
  4. Catch The Ferry To Dunk Island For The Day
  5. Go White Water Rafting On The Tully River
  6. Visit Charley's Chocolate Factory
  7. Walk One Of The Many Hiking Tracks
  8. Go Snorkelling On The Great Barrier Reef
  9. Wander Around Paronella Park
  10. Visit The Mission Beach Sunday Markets

Top 10 Things To Do In Mission Beach

1. Take A Stroll Along One Of The Many Beaches

North Mission Beach

Famous for its long stretch of golden sandy shores, Mission Beach has over 14kms of pristine coastline that’s perfect for relaxing, and soaking up the sunshine and sea water. You’ll find both North and South Mission Beach fringed by palms, paperbarks and Pandanas trees providing the perfect place to read a book in the shade. Dotted along the coast either side of Mission Beach you’ll find a tonnes of secret little beaches also. Bingil Bay to the north and Lovers Beach to the south are just as stunning!

2. Go Skydiving And Land On Mission Beach

Skydive Mission Beach

Take the leap of a lifetime and go skydiving in a way you’ll never forget! For those adventure seekers, Skydive Mission Beach offers the opportunity to soar high above the Far North Queensland coastline as you take in sweeping views of the rainforest and the reef. And the best part? Landing directly on Mission Beach! After the thrill of the jump, it's the ultimate way to end an epic experience.

3. Get A Photo With The Big Cassowary Statue

Cassowary Bird

Located on Wongaling Beach Road at the Cassowary Coast Shopping Village, you’ll find a larger than life statue of the prehistoric Cassowary bird. Mission Beach is known for its large population of these beautiful black, blue and red creatures. You can’t stop in Mission Beach without getting your photo taken with the large idol sculpture. 

4. Catch The Ferry Over To Dunk Island For The Day

Dunk Island Aerial View

Image: Dunk Island Ferry

Just a short 15 minute ferry ride from Mission Beach, Dunk Island is an unspoiled tropical paradise. Abundant with lush rainforest, turquoise beaches and walking trails, it’s the perfect spot to escape the mainland and get lost in nature for a few hours. Cool off in the sparkling azure waters, snorkel straight off the beach, or hike to the top of Mt. Kootaloo and enjoy panoramic views for days. Maybe even book a camp spot and pitch a tent for a night or two!

5. Go White Water Rafting On The Tully River

Tully River RaftingImage: Cairns Adventure Group

Up for a wild ride that promises adventure at every turn? Then white water rafting on the Tully River is an exhilarating experience for adrenalin lovers. Navigate through lush rainforest rapids and expansive gorges while soaking in the naturals surroundings and getting soaked in the process! 

6. Visit Charley’s Chocolate Factory

Charley's Chocolate Factory PlantationImage: Charley's Chocolate Factory

Famous for being Australia’s only tree to chocolate bar experience, Charley’s Chocolate Factory in Mission Beach is an award winning, Aussie grown and owned chocolate company. Take a tour of the sustainable cocoa plantation, see the step by step process of making chocolate and of course, sample the wholesome chocolatey goods! It’s an absolute must do when visiting the region.

7. Walk One Of The Many Hiking Tracks

Walking Trails

Mission Beach has a wide range of walking tracks that take you along the foreshore, through rainforests and up to lookout points, and vary to suit all fitness levels. Bicton Hill Track, Kennedy Walking Track, Ulysses Link and Licuala Fan Palm Rainforest Walk are all popular trails to spot glimpses of unique local flora and fauna, including the bright blue Ulysses butterflies and the elusive Cassowary!

8. Go Snorkelling On The Great Barrier Reef

Snorkel The Great Barrier Reef

Many might not know this, but you can actually visit the Great Barrier Reef from Mission Beach. Departing from the Clump Point boat ramp, Mission Beach Dive operates two to three days a week, taking only a handful of passengers each trip. On board the “Reef Goddess”, you’ll journey out to two beautiful reef sites, enjoy a tropical buffet lunch and get to witness incredible marine life as you snorkel or dive in the turquoise waters. Keep your eyes peeled for whales or manta rays when they are in season!

9. Wander Around Paronella Park

Paronella Park

While it’s not technically in Mission Beach, Paronella Park is only a 40 minute drive north, and is a real hidden gem. Well-known for its exquisite gardens, enchanting rainforest and Spanish-inspired architecture, Paronella Park is a beautiful site to see both during the day and at night. Take a guided walking tour around the grounds, where you’ll learn the rich history of its creation by visionary José Paronella. You can’t go past this magical place if you’re visiting Mission Beach and the surrounding areas!

10. Visit The Mission Beach Sunday Markets

Mission Beach Sunday Markets

Run by the Mission Beach Rotary Club, The Mission Beach markets operate from 7:30am until 12:00pm, and are held on the first and third Sunday of every month, all year round. Located at the Ulysses Day Park, there’s something for everyone with over 100 stalls consisting of local fresh fruit and veg, clothes, handmade jewellery, books, craftware and more. It's also a great way to support local small town businesses! 

So if you find yourself road tripping to North Queensland and asking the question “What is there to do in Mission Beach?”, refer back to this article and you’ll find there’s no shortage of things to see and do while visiting the area. Whether you're seeking relaxation or adventure, this tropical coastal town promises to nourish your soul with its natural North Queensland beauty.

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