7 Reasons To Quit Your Job And Travel To Australia

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In a world consumed with climbing the corporate ladder and demanding work environments, there’s no denying that the idea of throwing in the towel, quitting your job and travelling to a far off land sounds pretty appealing to many. 

If you’re needing a change of scenery and some adventure to spice up your life, but also need a motive to go all in, then take this as your sign to decide which path you want to follow, as I give you 7 compelling reasons to quit your job and travel to Australia. 

Watching the Sunrise On The Gold Coast Beach

7 Reasons To Quit Your Job And Travel To Australia

1. Explore wide-ranging natural landscapes

Kgari (Fraser Island) Rainforest

“The Land Down Under” offers a kaleidoscope of vibrant vistas that are just waiting to nourish your soul. 

Along the East Coast alone, you can go from exploring the rich cityscapes of Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, to taking time meandering and soaking in the raw natural beauty of Regional Australia

Heart Reef Whitsundays

From the Sand Dunes and Rainforests on Kgari (Fraser Island) to the sparkling turquoise waters of the Great Barrier Reef, quitting your job to travel to Australia presents the perfect opportunity to rejuvenate the body, mind and spirit. Get out in nature and leave your troubles behind.

2. Say “YOLO” with adventure activities that test your comfort zone

Bungy Jumping Cairns Skypark

There’s no shortage of sports and activities in Australia that get the blood pumping, and you can conquer your fears in the process. Below is just a small list of adventures to remind you you’re still alive!

Embrace new challenges, test your limits and create unforgettable memories. When you get to the end of this life, you don’t want to be filled with regret for all the things you were too scared to try, do you? 

3. Meet unique wildlife and marine creatures

Cape Hillsborough Kangaroos

Australia is home to some of the most unique species of animals in the world. If you’re a lover of all things fauna and flora, then quitting your job to experience the creatures Down Under is a solid reason to hand in your notice and travel here! 

Tick these off your bucket list on a once in a lifetime adventure!

  • See wild dingoes roaming around on K’gari (Fraser Island)
  • Dive with majestic manta rays at Lady Elliot Island 
  • Spot koalas in the wild on Magnetic Island
  • Get a selfie with the cute little quokkas on Rottnest Island
  • Snorkel alongside turtles on the Great Barrier Reef
  • Go platypus spotting in the Atherton Tablelands
  • Watch the sunrise with kangaroos and wallabies on Cape Hillsborough Beach 
  • Swim beside whale sharks at Ningaloo Reef 
  • Wake up to the laughter of kookaburras in the outback at Uluru
  • Go croc spotting on a Daintree River cruise
  • Ride horses on Cape Tribulation Beach
  • See the penguins in Melbourne and Phillip Island

Cape Tribulation Beach Horse Riding

Whether you love the oceans, the rainforests or the dusty red centre, Australia is a mecca for nature enthusiasts wanting to experience a once in a lifetime encounter with these unique creatures. Life’s short, so time to start ticking off those bucket list items!

4. The weather is desirable all year round

Surfing in Noosa

Australia is one of those countries large enough to enjoy backpacking all year round

Don’t want to experience the winter blues? Head north up to Cairns in North Queensland or Darwin in the Northern Territory where the temperatures are tropical, warm and balmy 12 months a year. Want a winter wonderland escape? Head to the southern states like New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia. Maybe even hit the ski fields at Perisher or Mt Buller.

No matter whether you love hot or cold climates, Australia’s got you covered!

5. The road trips around Australia are nourishing for the soul

Jucy Van at Australia Zoo

From the Great Ocean Road hugging the rugged south Victorian cliffs, to epic drives through the outback, and relaxing surf towns dotted all along the East Coast from Kiama to Mission Beach, every route presents a taste of diverse experiences. 

Road tripping Australia is an energising and unforgettable adventure that unveils hidden gems off the beaten track that you won’t get anywhere else. It’s a soul-stirring journey where you can enjoy the freedom of van life, and make memories that will last a lifetime. 

6. Solo travel in Australia is safe

Solo Female Traveller in Australia

As a female who loves travelling solo, there are just some places I wouldn’t go to alone. Australia however, is known as one of the safest destinations in the world to travel to. Its friendly people are welcoming and hospitable, offering a sense of comfort to those travelling from overseas.

The crime rate is low in comparison to some places in Europe, Asia and the US. Even in the big cities like Sydney and Melbourne which are ranked amongst the top 10 safest cities in the world! The health care system is high-quality, so rest assured you’ll be looked after if you get into an unexpected situation. Just make sure you have travel insurance!

Well-established infrastructure, along with plenty of tour options to choose from, make getting around Australia easy peasy.

7. Meet like-minded travellers and make life-long friends

Lake Mackenzie Kgari (Fraser Island)

Australia, with its vibrant backpacking culture, is a mecca for meeting like-minded travellers from around the globe. From everything listed above and more, it’s a melting pot of fascinating earth-wanderers with similar passions. In Australia, it’s not only about the destinations you visit, but the fellow nomads and local Aussies that make it an incredible place to travel to. 

Hostels, festivals, campsites and tours are amazing meeting grounds for sparking conversations and fostering relationships with kindred spirits from all walks of life. There’s no doubt the friends you make will become more like family here. You’ll be forever bonded through shared experiences and memorable adventures from your time spent in Australia!

Bonus reason to travel to Australia

Sunset Picnic With Mates

If you decide to stick around in Australia and jump on a Working Holiday Visa, you’ll find the general quality of work-life harmony is better than most places in the world. In Aus, everyone wants to get out and enjoy the sunshine and the great outdoors. And why shouldn’t they? Australia has a diverse natural playground where you can swim at waterfalls, surf world-class beaches, or simply appreciate a cold bevvy and top-notch food while spending quality time with your newfound mates.  

Seafood Platter and Drinks on Sydney Harbour

Australians are known for working to live, not living to work. So while they work hard, they play harder. They’re committed to work-life harmony and a laid back lifestyle. By quitting your job and relocating to Australia (even if only for a year or two) you too, can savour a more relaxed pace of daily living.

This newfound balance may just inspire you to rethink your priorities, and make way for a more fulfilling life.

Four Wheel Driving on Kgari (Fraser Island)

By no means is this a comprehensive list of all the reasons to quit your job and travel to Australia, but it’s a start. And you never know, it might just be the life-changing experience you need right now. 

It may seem risky throwing it all in, but the rewards can be priceless. The life-enriching places you’ll visit, the people you meet, and the memories you make will leave an everlasting mark that’s bound to change your perspective on the world. 

So, if you’re willing to take a leap of faith, then hand in your notice, pack your bags and come join us in Oz for a transformative adventure of a lifetime! Be warned, you may not leave here the same person you arrived as. But, I have no doubt you’ll be that much better for it. 

Ready to quit your job, travel to Australia and live it up on a working holiday?

Tour the East Coast and discover your next home in paradise with our backpacker itineraries, which can take you from the city lights of Melbourne to the reefs of Cairns!

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