Should I Do A Working Holiday In Australia?

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Tossing up whether a working holiday in Australia is for you? It can be a big decision to apply for a visa, pack up your bags, get out of your comfort zone and travel all the way down under. So, we've put together a realistic list of our favourite reasons why you should come to Australia on a WHV. From surf sessions after work to learning new skills, add these ones to the pros list, and we'll see you in sunny Australia!

1.     A Working Holiday Visa is affordable

 We all know it’s not really that romantic to be in another country travelling while simultaneously stressing about money. Luckily, a working holiday visa (WHV) in Australia is one of the most affordable experiences for backpackers. Costing just $635 AUD for 12 months of a WHV, the best part is you have full working rights during your time in Australia, meaning you can earn some cash to pay for your travels along the way!

Check out our guide to budget travelling Australia and how much money you need to travel the East Coast for your number-crunching convenience! 

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2.     You can get multiple successive working holiday visas 

That’s right, the party doesn’t have to be over after your first year in Australia! In fact, most backpackers apply for their second and even third working holiday visa, totalling three whole years down under. 

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3.     It’s easier to make friends

Making friends can be a bit intimidating when you’re travelling, but luckily, having a WHV can make it a whole lot easier. Whether you’re chatting while picking fruit or making friends at your backpacker accommodation, putting yourself out there and working makes striking up conversation way less random! Not to mention, Aussies are overall pretty easygoing and friendly people, so you’re likely to be welcomed happily and with a couple of beers. Who knows, you might meet the Luigi to your Mario as you’re chipping away at your 88 days of farm work!

If you still need a helping hand, check out our guide to making friends while travelling Australia! 

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4.     Escape the 9 till 5 study and work grind

There’s nothing more Aussie than shirking the responsibilities of the obligatory 9 to 5 work week to go for a surf. So, this one goes out to all of the nomadic souls needing a gap year (or two, or three). Seek the salt, sunshine and freedom of exploring new towns, meeting new people and diving into new depths. It’s far more fulfilling than that desk job beckoning back home, trust.

Person snorkelling through the Great Barrier Reef

 5.     Learn new skills & life experiences

There are no limits to the kind of work you can undertake while you’re in Australia on a WHV. While you do have to complete 3 months of certain types of work to apply for your second WHV, you have a huge selection of jobs at your fingertips! Check out some of our suggestions for the best WHV jobs down under. Whether you’re on a cattle station out west, operating a ski lift down south or slinging oat flat whites at a café in Noosa, you’re sure to get out of your comfort zone, learn new skills and enrich your life experiences in Australia!

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6.     It’s affordable to live and work in Australia 

The minimum wage in Australia is relatively high compared to other countries. So, once you get a couple of paychecks from your new place of work, you should be financially stable enough to venture to whatever corner of Australia you want to explore, without worrying about a lack of income! While the cost of living in Australia is quite high (12th highest globally), the minimum wage is quite good, so you should be relatively quite stable.

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7.     It’s easy to get a job in Australia

 A combination of increased domestic tourism combined with the return of post-pandemic international travel means that Australia is absolutely bustling at the moment. So, it’s pretty easy for working holidaymakers to score a job. Tourist destination towns such as Airlie Beach, Cairns, Byron Bay, Sydney, Noosa and the Gold Coast are particularly laden with job opportunities during peak holiday seasons! 

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8.     Immerse yourself in the most amazing natural wonders 

Studies show that people who surround themselves with the colour blue are more likely to be happier overall. That’s right, we’re talking about the ocean, sky, lakes, rivers and reefs… all of which are abundant in Australia (check out the 7 Aussie World Heritage-listed wonders for more inspo). Swap the drizzly grey weekends for scuba dives, rainforest hikes and ocean kayaks – your serotonin levels can thank us later!

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9.     Surf in the morning, work in the arvo

If you’re craving a more active, connected lifestyle, Australia is the perfect place to get amongst the naturally magnificent marvels and move. I mean, the landscape pretty much forces you to spend your time outside it’s so beautiful! And gosh, doesn’t that vitamin D feel good? Whether it’s a morning beach walk, afternoon surf, yoga session in the grass or weekend rock climb, explore adventurously as you incorporate nature and exercise into your regular routine!

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10.  Perfect your English with a g’day!

 Have you been meaning to work on your English for a while? Did those daily Duo Lingo classes seem to just... fizzle? Well not to worry, it’s really hard to learn a language if you’re not surrounded by it, and Australia is the perfect place to practise your English. With friendly locals and a lot of chatting opportunities, you’ll decipher the accent and pick up a charming Aussie accent in no time. And if you’re really lucky, you might even get away with some cheeky slang on the way!

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Are you ready to start your Australian Working Holiday visa process and trip planning? All you need to do is pack a hat and a sense of adventure, we’ll sort out the rest! 

Chat to our local experts to match you with the perfect welcome accommodation and itinerary today!

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