Do Many People Travel Australia Alone?

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Do many people travel Australia alone? Yes, and you can easily become one of these solo travellers that has a blast exploring the diverse, stunning landscapes Down Under. East Coast Australia, in particular, has a huge backpacker community, so there are always lots of solo travellers making their way around Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Cairns, and everywhere in between. 

This article will touch on the topic of solo travel in Australia, in the hopes of inspiring other travellers to plan an epic adventure for themselves! Whether you're hoping to try a Working Holiday Visa, or you want to join a guided tour that covers all the East Coast's highlights, there are many ways to confidently travel Australia alone. 

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How Common Is Solo Travel?

It is perfectly normal to want to try travelling alone. No matter where you're from or how old you are, solo travel allows you to broaden your horizons, bust out of your comfort zone, and really grow as a person. Because you have to navigate your way around an unknown land, travelling alone helps you gain confidence, learn new skills, and develop new levels of self-awareness. Solo travel is very common, and it's a great way to learn so much about the world and about yourself!

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Is Australia Good For Solo Travellers?

If you are ready to take a leap and try solo travel, Australia is a great place to try travelling alone. Australia is a safe and welcoming country that sees lots of solo travellers all year round. The infrastructure is modern and functioning, the people are warm and friendly, and the lifestyle is laid-back. For those that speak English, it may also help to travel to an English-speaking country so you don't have to deal with language barriers while travelling alone. But be sure to brush up on your Aussie slang before you arrive!

Not only does the lifestyle and infrastructure support travel, but Australia is just packed with so much to see and do! It's such a great country to visit because you can never run out of amazing activities to try. Head to the tropics and snorkel in the Great Barrier Reef or sail the Whitsunday Islands. Or head down south and tour iconic cities like Sydney and Melbourne. National parks, beaches, waterfalls, mountain ranges, sand dunes, wildlife parks, and more are scattered all over the country, making it a super fun place to travel alone. 

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Do Many People Travel Australia Alone?

Lots of international travellers visit Australia alone, with the East Coast being an especially popular spot. Though you can find solo travellers all over the country, the East Coast is where tourism really thrives for international guests. All the top destinations are well-connected via public transport, making it affordable and stress-free to travel from place to place. Because East Coast Australia travel is so easy, you'll find lots of other solo travellers here embarking on a similar journey. 

Many solo travellers are considered "backpackers" as well. There isn't really a formal definition for backpackers, but they are generally solo travellers living out of a backpack as they travel long-term. Backpackers in Australia are often on Working Holiday Visas, as this excellent visa program allows travellers to work and make money in order to fund their travels and extend their stay in Australia. Because of this visa, there is a huge backpacker community in Australia. That means lots of solo travellers!

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How Do I Meet People Travelling Solo In Australia?

Because there is such a strong backpacker community, it's really easy to meet people while travelling solo in AustraliaThe funny thing about solo travel is that you rarely have to actually be alone! One of the main benefits of travelling alone as opposed to travelling with friends is that you are forced to branch out and meet new people if you want company. This can seem intimidating at first, but it makes you more confident and can help you form new and unlikely friendships. 

One of the best ways to meet people while travelling solo is to join a group tour. Even if it's not a fully-guided tour, a semi-guided itinerary puts you in social situations where it's easy to meet people. You'll share transport, tours, and accommodation with other travellers, which creates bonding experiences and inevitably new friends. 

Or if you're not planning on a pre-booked itinerary, you can still meet people through social tours and staying in hostels. Australia's travel community is full of open-minded solo travellers who just want to explore, have fun, and try new things. From backpacker boat tours to hostel dorm rooms, there is no shortage of places to meet interesting and special people. 

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Tips For Travelling Australia Alone

To recap everything we've just covered, here are a few tips for travelling Australia alone. Whether you want to be conscious of safety, make friends, or save money, these travel tips will help your solo Australian adventure run smoothly. 

Planning and General Travel Tips

  • Consider a pre-booked itinerary. This saves you the hassle of having to plan your trip while you're here so you can just enjoy yourself!
  • Pack light. You'll find solo travel to be much more streamlined when you have less stuff to lug around. 
  • Stay in touch with friends and family at home. A friendly chat with a loved one goes a long way when you're exploring on your own. 
  • Try new things! Make the most of your time in Australia by branching out and trying something new, like scuba diving or skydiving
  • Don't be afraid to put yourself out there. Travelling alone can be intimidating, but the most special experiences will come when you muster up some courage and talk to people or try fun activities. 

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Safety Tips

  • Always ask questions. Whether it's to your travel agent or the staff at your accommodation, people are often willing to help you out if you ever need anything. 
  • Avoid going out alone at night. Australia's crime rate is relatively low, but it's always safer to go out in a group if you're taking part in nightlife
  • Always travel with luggage locks and a padlock so you can secure your belongings in a hostel locker.
  • Brush up on ocean safety. If you're surfing, diving, or just swimming, make sure you're responsible and can spot rip currents. Ask lifeguards if you're unsure. 
  • Wear sunscreen! The sun in Australia is super hot, so always be sun safe. 

Check out our article "Is Australia Safe To Travel Alone" for a deep dive into safety for solo travellers!

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Budgeting Tips

  • Stay in hostels. They are super affordable and they're a great place to make friends. 
  • Consider tour packages so you can get a discounted rate on multiple cool experiences. 
  • Bus passes are a great way to cover some ground in Australia on a budget. You can hop on and off multiple times along the East Coast. 
  • Try to cook some of your own meals. Dining out in Australia is expensive, so try to save it for special occasions. 
  • Visit during the off-season. The summer months in Australia are peak travel season, so prices tend to rise for flights, tours, and accommodation. Travel outside summer to save money!

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If you still have more questions about travelling Australia alone or planning your trip, our travel agents are always available via live chat

We are a team of travel enthusiasts and most of us have already backpacked Australia alone, so feel free to reach out for advice and suggestions!

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