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Every backpacker in Australia is constantly on the lookout for the best budget tours, packages, and itineraries Down Under. Whether you're spending a year in Australia on a Working Holiday Visa, or you're just backpacking for fun over a few weeks, finding the best backpacker deals in Australia can help you make the most of your time and save money!

We all know Australia isn't the cheapest country to visit. But every dollar you spend in this incredible country will be worth it. You should absolutely treat yourself to the best experiences in Australia, but it's worth finding the best backpacker deals so you can optimise your savings. 

Here are some tips and recommendations straight from our team of East Coast Australia travel experts. We're here to help you experience the best of Australia without breaking the bank!

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The Ultimate Backpacker Itinerary In Australia

Before diving into some of the best backpacker deals, let's cover the ideal backpacker itinerary in Australia. You have to know where to go before you plan all the logistics like tours, accommodation, and transport! Luckily it's easy to plan the perfect backpacker itinerary on the East Coast of Australia. Just pick a starting point and head north or south along that stunning coastline!

Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and Cairns are the major cities and travel hubs where most backpackers start their East Coast journey. From there, your destinations will depend on how much time you have and how long you want to spend in each place. Planning your own itinerary is half the fun of backpacking Australia! Or you can book an entire itinerary that includes all the highlights for you. But first, let's summarize the ultimate backpacker itinerary on Australia's East Coast. 

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Where do backpackers go in Australia?

Most backpackers in Australia follow a similar route along the East Coast. Popular destinations include Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, K'gari (Fraser Island), the Whitsundays, and Cairns. Why do most backpackers frequent these same locations? Because they are honestly incredible! 

Australia's East Coast highlights are popular for a reason. They all offer breathtaking natural beauty, from lush national parks to pristine beaches to the Great Barrier Reef. Because lots of travellers head to these places around Australia, they also have a fun backpacker community with a welcoming vibe. 

Here is a quick summary of the top places for backpackers to visit on Australia's East Coast, in order from north to south. 

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Backpacking beyond Australia's East Coast

There are lots of other amazing places for backpackers to visit in Australia outside the East Coast. From the rugged landscapes of Tasmania, to the remote deserts of the Outback, to the fabulous beaches of Perth in Western Australia, there is an abundance of gorgeous sights to see Down Under. 

Though East Coast Tours specialises in, of course, Australia's East Coast, we can also connect travellers with the best backpacker deals around Australia and in neighbouring countries like New Zealand, Indonesia, Japan, and more. 

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Best Backpacker Deals In Australia

Once you have chosen your intended route, it's time to plan your trip and find the best backpacker deals in Australia. You can just travel spontaneously and plan things day by day, but your best option for saving money is to organise most of your trip in advance. 

Because Australia is such a popular place for backpackers to explore, accommodations and tours tend to fill up quickly. Especially during the peak summer season, the best Australian experiences are in high demand. So if you want to secure your place on the every-popular East Coast Australia backpacker route, and save money in the process, organise your adventure in advance!

For those who want an action-packed budget trip in Australia, here are some of the best backpacker deals to consider!

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4 Week Sydney To Cairns Explorer

One of the absolute best backpacker deals on the market is the 4 Week Sydney to Cairns Explorer. A favourite among backpackers, this 28-day itinerary combines all the classic Australian experiences into one customisable and affordable package.

With a value of around $3,500 and a retail price of $3,199, this is the perfect East Coast itinerary for travellers who want to do it all without spending a fortune. This is a semi-guided itinerary, meaning you'll have guided tours with local experts plus plenty of freedom and flexibility. 

Highlights of the 4 Week Sydney to Cairns Explorer:

  • 27 nights of accommodations along the East Coast with upgrades available
  • All bus transport from Sydney to Cairns
  • Byron Bay surf lesson
  • 3-day 2-night K'gari tag-along camping safari
  • 2-day 2-night Whitsundays social sailing adventure
  • Return ferry to Magnetic Island from Townsville
  • Great Barrier Reef tour from Cairns including 1 introductory dive
  • Meals during your tours

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4 Week Cairns To Melbourne Explorer

If you want to extend your East Coast itinerary down to Melbourne, consider the 4 Week Cairns to Melbourne Explorer. For a slightly higher price of $3,539, you can complete a similar East Coast adventure as above with the added bonus of a bus from Sydney to Melbourne. This works out to around $126 per day, making it one of the best backpacker deals in Australia. This is also a semi-guided itinerary perfect for travellers who want some independence combined with epic guided tours.

Highlights of the 4 Week Cairns to Melbourne Explorer:

  • 27 nights of accommodation (hostels, overnight buses, sailing cabins and island camping)
  • All bus transport from Cairns to Melbourne
  • Blue Mountains guided hike from Sydney
  • Dolphin kayak tour and surf lesson in Byron Bay
  • 3-day 2-night K'gari tag-along camping safari
  • 2-day 2-night sailing tour of the Whitsunday Islands
  • Return ferry to Magnetic Island from Townsville
  • Waterfall day tour and Great Barrier Reef tour including 1 introductory dive from Cairns
  • Meals during your tours

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Guided Group Tours in Australia

For those who prefer a fully guided East Coast Australia itinerary, there are also some great budget backpacker deals. These guided itineraries have a slightly higher price tag but give you comfort and stability as you travel Australia's East Coast. An expert guide will lead you the entire way and take care of all the planning and logistics. 

Guided group tours are ideal for first-time travellers who aren't as confident navigating a new country on their own. They are also perfect for those travellers who just want to sit back and have fun without having to plan anything! 

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Discounted Tour Packages in Australia

Another option for the best backpacker deals in Australia is finding cheap tour packages. If you aren't planning to book an entire East Coast itinerary, you can still bundle your individual tours to save money. For example, if you plan to visit K'gari (Fraser Island) and the Whitsundays, there are lots of amazing tour packages that can help you save money in Australia. 

K'gari (Fraser Island) and the Whitsundays are two destinations where you'll want to book a multi-day tour. There is so much to see and do, and both areas are quite remote and most easily accessed with a guided tour. Choose a K'gari (Fraser Island) and Whitsundays tour package to score two amazing tours for a discounted price! You can also find discounted Whitsundays packages that include tours, accommodation, and parties. 

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How to book your budget trip to Australia

The absolute best way to score your ideal budget trip to Australia is by chatting with a locally-based travel expert. Though you can just book tours, itineraries, and packages online, it's definitely worth speaking to an expert who can help you find and curate the best backpacker deal for you. Whether you want to modify an existing itinerary, enquire about further discounts, or seek out the best backpacker deals in your budget range, an East Coast expert is here to help!

You can contact an East Coast Australia expert via our contact form, or by clicking the live chat button. We have staff available all around the world, 24/7. All of us have personally travelled Australia's East Coast, and most of us love this country so much that we've migrated here permanently! Even if you just want travel advice from someone who has experienced it all personally, a chat with an East Coast expert is almost guaranteed to enhance your trip Down Under. 

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Reach out to our local travel experts for travel advice, coupon codes, and the best backpacker deals in Australia!

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